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Not Everyone Likes Vanilla. . .And That’s Okay

January 15, 2015

Do you know what the most popular ice cream flavor is?

Yeah, it’s vanilla.

I like vanilla.

Many people don’t.

Yesterday I got to return to one of the coolest museums and factories in the world, Hillerich and Bradsbury Co,


It’s also known as the Louisville Slugger museum and factory.


Regular readers know that I’m kind of a baseball nut. This was my second trip to the museum. (That’s A Really Big Bat) When I visited the museum back in October I was all by myself. That was fun. But visiting a historic site all alone is not nearly as much fun as sharing the experience.

Yesterday we were attending as part of a team building activity. My company and some of our clients were going together. I was really excited, but it quickly started to become obvious that not everyone shared my enthusiasm. Brad and I were the first to arrive.

Rodney, if you start talking baseball trivia, I swear my eyes are going to glaze over.

I attempted to resist the urge to spout baseball stats to him.As the rest of the people started to arrive it became clear that Brad wasn’t the only non-fan.

Do you like baseball, Kent?

Not really.

Are you a fan Sara?

Not much.

At one point we walked past the wall that displayed the Major League players who signed with Louisville Slugger and were now in the Hall of Fame.


Alex got excited,

Wait, is this the Hall of Fame?

No, Alex. No it’s not.

When I was here months ago I wandered through the museum for what seemed like hours. This time we spent less than 5 minutes inside. I really had to resist the urge to let my baseball geek show.

It occurred to me that It’s okay that some people find my favorite past time a complete waste of time. It happens.

Coke vs Pepsi

Ford vs Chevy

iPhone vs Android

Microsoft vs Apple

Google vs Everybody

Mariners vs Yankees

Okay, maybe it’s just me on that last one.

Taking the baseball example, I realized that if everyone supported the same team, it wouldn’t make for much of a league. The diversity is a strength. The same is true in businesses. We all have stories of “Yes Men” style bosses. But, a strong leader will surround herself with people who are willing to disagree. Don’t pray for lots of people to agree with you. It’s much more interesting to have worthy detractors.

And occasionally try the chocolate ice cream.

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