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Best of 2014: #2 The Bad Penny

December 30, 2014

The second most popular blog post from 2014 was a follow up post to an earlier story called The Pedophile, The Comedian and The Englishman. I tell the sad tale of Scotty Lee a Salt Lake comic who tried unsuccessfully to hide his past.

After writing about Scotty, I assumed that was the end of the story. He was basically run off the internet and run out of Salt Lake by the other comedians.

Several months later I got an email from a reader.

Hey, did you know your friend Scotty Lee is back online?

The writer included a link to a story about a photographer, Chaz Ahlstrom who was stealing the work of other more talented photographers and passing it off as his own.

Yup, Scott Lee was back. And the photographers weren’t any happier about it than the comedians had been.

The second most popular blog entry from 2014 was, The Bad Penny.

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