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Best of 2014: #3 Can You Be Funny? Everyday? For 13 Years?

December 29, 2014

Back in February, I posted about one of my favorite topics, my friend Howard Tayler, creator of the award winning web comic Schlock Mercenary. I have to admit, I enjoy writing about Howard for a couple of reasons.

First, he has devoted fans and they love to read about him.

Second, he’s an inspiration, especially for IT geeks who have a creative side. Howard started as an IT Manager and later made the jump to full time cartooning. He’s an inspiration for many artists, musicians and those like me who are writers.

This particular post was special. It marked the 5000th Schlock Mercenary strip. Howard started on June 12, 2000 and last February 18th, he completed a 5K. In February 2015 I will upload the 500th post to this blog. It’s taken over two years. I only have another 20 years at that rate to match him.

Here’s the original post, Can You Be Funny? Everyday? For More Than 13 Years?

By the way, there’s another Howard Tayler post still to come in our year in review. Check back in the next couple of days to see if Howard finished 2nd and 3rd or took the top spot.

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