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Best of 2014 #4: Thats A Fight You Are Never Going To Win

December 26, 2014

It’s time to look back on which posts you thought were the most popular this year. Some posts from 2013 continue to have legs including How Many Of You Think Microsoft Is An Evil Company and The Pedophile The Comedian And The Englishman.

But, of the posts new to 2014, the fourth most popular was about an experience at Life a The Universe and Everything. Orson Scott Card was the guest of honor and arrived a day late. He then went long on his keynote address and the ushers tried to shut him down. Thats A Fight You Are Never Going To Win.

This column generated a long discussion on Facebook in the convention group with some people taking the side of the convention ushers and others taking the side of OSC.

I had to resist going a bit fanboy the whole time Scott was there. I never did get an autograph.

Heres the post. Thats A Fight You Are Never Going To Win.

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