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Cloud Computing. . .Sort Of

October 8, 2014



I realized yesterday that I’m starting to get the hang of this cloud computing. The pictures above are yesterday’s sunset in Louisville, Kentucky. I spent about 7 hours yesterday wafting through those clouds. Well, these ones at the end, and the clouds between Louisville and Salt Lake City with a completely unnecessary stop in Detroit.

Okay, it was necessary to get from one plane to the next, but did I have to deplane at gate 22 and need to board a plane at gate 78 twenty minutes later? Did you realize that Detroit’s terminal is a mile long? After I walked the majority of that I realized they have a train. . .for a single terminal. . .a TRAIN.

Detroit gets a bad rap. I’m sure it’s a wonderful city. But, as we were walking off the plane I could see that the plane was being met by two of Detroit’s finest with a warrant and a picture.

Anyway, landing in Louisville, where we are opening a new call center, I was reminded just how much cloud computing I’ve been doing lately. (Five Percent Travel.)

Tomorrow, I’ll explain the other type of cloud computing. Today I just want to look at the clouds.

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