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Sometimes You Have To Go Slow To Go Fast

January 4, 2024

Today I attended a Masons meeting. Free & Accepted Masons of Utah, Story Lodge #4. It was a pretty typical meeting. It is held at the Provo Public Library. I live about 15 minutes away in Pleasant Grove. When I’m going to or from that meeting, I take a route that I’m very familiar with. It’s a semi-rural highway that is two lanes for much of the way and then expands to four lanes.

When you are on a two lane road you have no choice expect to go as fast as the car in front of you. If you want to go faster it can be frustrating. I feel that ways sometimes. But I also understand that even on a four lane highway, everyone is going to go the same speed.

You probably don’t believe me. But if you have stoplights it’s true. Geneva Road, the highway I’m talking about, has several traffic signals. For the most part they are synchronized. So, if you drive the speed limit you can catch every green light. At least in theory.

In theory practice and theory are the same
In practice they are not

The best position at a stop light is to be at the front, wouldn’t you agree? You are right there next to the crosswalk and when the light goes, so do you. And I had several instances tonight where I was the first in line.

I should also mention that I tend to pay attention to the specific cars around me and “pace” (or race) against them. They don’t know we are racing, but I’m using them to see if I’m gaining or losing my overall position. (Don’t judge. The trip isn’t that interesting!)

When you are the first in line, you can accelerate as fast as you want. I don’t typically speed, but I’ve been known to jump up to 50 mph quickly. Here’s where going fast makes me slow. My jackrabbit start screws up the timing. I end up at the next light while it’s still red. In the meantime, the guy next to me, whom I was racing, took a normal acceleration off the start line. . .I mean the green light. Guess when he catches me at the next intersection? Yup. Right as the light is turning green. He continues on through the light at 50 mph, while I have to start from zero.

In my rush to get ahead, I actually get further behind.

Pretty sure there’s a business lesson in there somewhere.

Stay safe

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