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Sending My Babies Out Into The World

December 21, 2022

I remember a tough time as a parent. It was the junior high science fair. My two boys had both submitted science projects. Did you know that some science fairs are actually competitions? Most of them are.

The problem was that one of my boys won a medal for his project. . .and his brother did not. At 13 years old, that’s a tough thing for one them to take. And as parents we were stuck sharing in the success of one son while also trying to console the other.

I don’t think everyone should get a trophy, but it’s a lot easier on the emotions when they do. I’m naturally proud of both my sons. (Well, ALL my sons since these two also had three other brothers.) My children have competed in sports, beauty pageants (I also have 8 daughters), for scholarships, for bragging rights and many other things.

It’s part growing up, the learning to try and fail. And try and succeed. As a parent, we have to also learn. Learn to back off and let the child win or lose on their own.

I’m a writer. I write stories. Those stories are like my children in many ways. I craft those stories. I care deeply about them. I do my best to make them the best I possibly can. And then, there are times when it’s time to send them out into the world. Sometimes to be considered for publications. Sometimes to be considered for contests. Sometimes to be shared online.

The point is that as a writer I have to send my babies out on their own. And emotionally, I live and die with the stories in hands of editors and judges.

Did I mention that it’s time to submit for the fourth quarter of Writers of The Future?

Yeah, baby is about to grow up.

Stay safe

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