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I Intend To Live Forever

November 18, 2022

Inheritances are a weird thing. I mean if you think about it, if you are the one who is going to leave your estate, it might seem like they are just waiting around for you to die. And if you are the one who will inherit, well, it might seem like you are waiting around for them to die.

Inheritance can be a touchy subject. Do you leave your money to your kids? Do you expect your parents to leave their money to you?

When I left home, my parents were pretty typical middle class. At least I think they were. They shielded most of the money talk from us kids. But, my mother made something clear when I was headed off to college.

Don’t plan on an inheritance. I’m going to give all my money to the battered women’s shelter.

My thought? Good for her. It’s her money. She earned it. She can spend it or give it away. I’ve told her that I hope she lives to be 100 and dies broke surrounded by those she loves. May your last check be to the undertaker and may it bounce.

When my grandmother passed away there was a modest inheritance for my mother and her three siblings. My father suggested that my mother take the money and buy something she wouldn’t otherwise have purchased. Something impulsive. Something that would help her remember her mother.

My mother took the money and bought a $10,000 dining room table. And my father was right. My mother loves that dining room table. She’s even asked that I keep it in the family after she’s gone. (She’s in fantastic health and well on her way to living to 100.)

She made a modest amount of money in her career. Most of it after her kids were raised. She ran a CPA firm and an investment firm. She sold them and retired shortly before my father passed away. That was years ago. She’s remarried a wonderful man. She met him on a cruise. And that’s what they do with much of their time.

His children, technically my step-siblings, are concerned that he is spending their inheritance. I, and my siblings, on the other hand, let my mother know that we aren’t expecting any inheritance.

It’s your money. Spend it how you’d like.

But, despite everyone’s assurances, there will most likely be some inheritance. I recently talked to my mother about it.

When you pass away, if any inheritance should come to me, I think I’ll do the same thing you did with your mother’s inheritance.

Buy a dining room table?

No. If any inheritance comes to me I think I’ll buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

In that case, I intend to live forever.

And, she just might.

Stay safe

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