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Chronic Pain Is More Fun In The Movies

November 10, 2022

No, chronic pain is not fun. It’s not really fun in theory OR practice. But, it’s a classic trope none-the-less.

Ever notice when the hero gets hurt in the movies? He (or she) grunts in pain and then walks it off. In fact, the worse they are hurt, the more they move the faster it gets better. I read a news story once that gang members in Los Angeles were surprised when they got shot by how much it hurt.

We’ve all played games as kids where we get shot, or injured and we have to “power through.” We grit our teeth and act like we are in serious pain and then go out and do whatever we need to do. (Okay, maybe that was just me, but, you get the idea.)

But, in real life, pain isn’t very fun. My scaitic nerve started hurting about a week ago. That’s the one that starts at your hip (okay, it’s the butt, but “hip” sounds better) and runs down your leg. The pain feels like someone is stabbing the join with a very small, very sharp needle. Sometimes it’s a sharp pain. Sometimes it’s a dull ache. But, it hurts ALL the time.

You might wonder if pain medications help. You know, like Tylenol or Advil. I don’t know. Oh sure, I’ve been taking them like clockwork, along with some muscle relaxers that I don’t technically have. But, I have no idea if they are helping or not. Why? Because it still hurts. Would it hurt more without the meds? Probably. Maybe. But, I have no idea. All I know is that it hurts.

And as much as I try to do that whole movie “walk it off” tactic, I just can’t. I can’t focus on work. I can’t focus on writing. I struggle even to sit. Driving is excruciating. (The problem with driving a BMW sedan.)

I also discovered something else: I’m kind of a baby. Seriously. I’m not very brave. I’m not very tough. I whine to myself constantly.

If only life were a little more like the movies.

Stay safe

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