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Utopia Comes To Pleasant Grove

October 13, 2022

What if your car could suddenly double its top speed? Or triple? Of course, if your car could suddenly go faster it wouldn’t do you much good since there are speed limits on the highway.

Fortunately no such limits exist on the internet, what was once called the information superhighway. You can go as fast as your internet connection, or ISP will allow.

Today I got a major speed boost.

My little town of Pleasant Grove recently installed fiber throughout the city. It’s been rolled out in waves. Each part of the city was given a schedule when it would be available. Originally my neighborhood was supposed to have fiber installed sometime around March of 2023. But, the program has been greatly ahead of schedule.

Utopia, or Utopia Fiber was installed at my house today. You might think it would be complicated to switch from an over-the-air wireless connection to a fiber connection.

It was not.

The installers were done in about 30 minutes. At that point All I had to do was switch my firewall computer from it’s connection to the wireless router to the fiber router.

My son was playing a video game. The internet switch didn’t even disrupt his game.

The real question was, “Did it work? Did the speed increase?”

Yeah, just a little.

Stay safe

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