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Thank The Geeks For This One

September 20, 2022

Yesterday was September 19. It was a Monday. But, that’s not why it was special. It was my daughter’s anniversary. But, that’s also not why it’s special. (Well, special to my daughter and son-in-law. . ) It was also the birthday of Mark Summers’ ex-wife. And THAT is why it’s special.

On June 6, 1995 Summers was playing racquetball with his friend John Baur. And then one of them took a nasty spill and yelled “Aaarrr!” Of course, everyone knows that is how pirates talk. (Okay, they don’t REALLY talk like that, but people like to imitate pirates by talking like that.) Anyway, the two friends decided the entire world should set aside one day to talk like a pirate.

But, June 6 is already an important date in history. It was the day in 1944 when the Allies invaded France. It’s recognized as D-Day.

So, the friends needed another day for their holiday. They chose September 19. Out of respect for Summer’s exwife’s birthday.

I enjoy Talk Like a Pirate Day. However, it’s officially International Talk Like A Pirate Day. So, I’ve always thought a rather than say “Aaarr,” a better statement would be:

Yes, of course this is a valid windows license. No way would I be cheating you.

Stay safe

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