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Dirty Water

September 14, 2022

Have you ever seen dirty ice? I got some ice from our counter top ice maker. But, after I filled it with water before I took a drink I noticed that the melted ice made the water dirty. Like REALLY dirty. That was odd. I dumped it out and got some more ice just to double check.

Yup, after adding water as it started to melt, it turned the water dirty too. That was really weird. The ice didn’t LOOK dirty. And the water reservoir seemed clear. I dumped it into the sink just to be sure. As I started to get more water to refill the reservoir, I realized my mistake. It wasn’t the ice that was dirty. It was the water. The water coming out of my tap was the color of REALLY weak coffee.

Utah is in a drought. We’ve been praying for rain. Well, apparently God heard our prayers. He sent rain. He sent a LOT of rain into our mountains, specifically Battle Creek Canyon which feeds Pleasant Grove’s water supply. And all that rain seemed to overwhelm the one of the water supply systems.

Very soon we got a map and a message from the city telling us to not drink, cook or bathe in the water. 

We use a lot of water. Now what? It’s not even a boil order. You can’t boil out dirt.

The city is flushing the lines. In the mean time we need to use other water.

Do YOU have enough water to take care of your family for a day or two? We’ve been storing water in old two liter bottles. It’s part of our food storage. And now we have two liter bottles next to each sink.

The city hopes to have it cleared up by morning. But, if they don’t, we’ll keep using the bottles.

The real question is should we keep praying for rain?

I think so. We are still in a drought, of course.

Stay safe

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