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Sometimes You Get Lucky. . .Twice

July 14, 2022

When I was 19 years old, I lived in Chicago. I was a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I worked with deaf people. In fact, there was a group of us missionaries working with deaf people. There were 16 of us in fact. Four sister missionaries and 12 men, or Elders.

We each worked in our own parts of the city with our companion. But, once a week we got together for meeting. Occasionally we’d have refreshments. On one particular Monday, (District Meetings were always on Mondays,) we had our district meeting at the sister missionaries apartment.

They baked cupcakes.

One thing you should know about missionaries, we loved to pull pranks on each other. Some were simple pranks. . .a firecracker under the door of the bathroom. Some were more elaborate. Some required baking.

As the sister missionaries passed around the plate of cupcakes, each elder took a cupcake. I ate mine without another thought. I like cupcakes. Every other elder took one bite and immediately spit out the cupcake. . .and the cotton ball that was baked inside.

Apparently I had lucked out. I got one of the good ones. The sister missionaries laughed. The elders laughed. And then the sisters brought out the plate of good cupcakes. They passed them around. And each elder took one. I ate mine without a second thought. I like cupcakes.

Remember that cupcake I got off the first plate? The one that was supposed to have a cotton ball, but didn’t? It got switched. So, on the second tray of cupcakes, there was a cupcake with a cotton ball.

So, I got lucky, twice.

Poor Elder Slade. He was unlucky. . .twice.

Stay safe

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