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TMI (Too Much Information)

July 11, 2022

I like fruit snacks. Sure, they aren’t real fruit. (Regardless of what the box might say.) And I especially like Motts Fruit Snacks. I even saw a comparison that indicated they were the best fruit snacks.

What I’ve never understood about Motts Fruit Snacks was the carrots.

At first I doubted they were actual carrots.

But there’s no doubt that’s a carrot.

Motts Fruit Snacks have about 8 or 9 in each pouch. I always eat them in the same order. I eat the carrots first. Then, I eat the apples and pears. Then, the grapes and finally the strawberries.

But, the thing is, it’s hard to distinguish the different flavors. That’s why I eat them one flavor at a time. I want to capture the taste. The fruits are okay, but I’ve never really been able to taste the difference of the carrots.

So, I decided to find out what the deal was with the carrots. I went online to read about the mysterious carrots. Turns out it really is a carrot. And Motts are made from fruits AND vegetables. The carrot represents the vegetables.

But, why doesn’t it taste like a carrot?

Well, that’s where the problem came up. The carrots don’t taste like carrots because they taste like all the other fruits.

Wait, what?

Yeah, NONE of the fruits have a unique flavor. The carrots taste like the strawberries. Or the strawberries taste like the carrots. And the pears taste like the apples. And the apples taste like the grapes. Because everything tastes exactly the same.

So, my carefully worked out eating order? Yeah, I might have been getting different colors and shapes, but every single one tasted exactly the same.

Am I happy with this new information?

No. Because it’s true. But, it has completely ruined my enjoyment of eating Motts Fruit Snacks. I still eat them in order, but I realize it’s stupid. I could eat them in any order, or no order and they will still all taste exactly the same.

Sometimes you can get too much information.

Stay safe

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