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Independence Day Traditions. . .Old and New

July 5, 2022

Monday was a holiday. In the United States we celebrated Independence Day. Two hundred and forty-six years ago a group of men signed a document written by Thomas Jefferson declaring their independence from Great Britian.

And now we have parties every summer. We have BBQs and fireworks. Parades and fly the flag.

We all have our traditions. One of my favorite is Follow the Flag.

This week, the worlds largest free flying American flag flies in Grove Creek Canyon. The flag is named Lady Liberty. This is the second year Lady Liberty has graced the Canyon. In years past it was Big Betsy, and for a couple of days a flag named The Major.

My contribution to the Follow The Flag week is that my neighbor and I run a micro radio station this week at the mouth of the canyon. We’ve been doing it five years. You might say it’s a tradition.

We also have a BBQ. But, unlike our Memorial Day BBQ, the 4th of July BBQ is pretty informal. Basically, we fix food and invite anyo the kids who want to stop by. Sometimes they do, this year they did not. But, it’s still a tradition.

We added a new tradition this year, although I would imagine it will be a limited duration. I went to the Provo Independence Day parade and walked next to the Pleasant Grove float while my daughter road on the float as one of the royalty attendants. She might compete again next year. If so, and if she wins, I’ll gladly take another 2 mile walk in the sun. Later this month we’ll attend a parade in Spanish Fork where my oldest granddaughter will be on a float as one of the mini miss Royalty for Spanish Fork Fiesta Days. Maybe that will become a tradition as well.

This year I forgot to post my flag. It’s a tradition I’ll restart next year.

We used to have a tradition of doing fireworks. But, with the kids all grown up, it hardly seems worth it. So, I guess that’s a tradition that ended.

What were your traditions?

Stay safe

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