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Old Time Rock And Roll

June 17, 2022

I’m old. I only realized that recently.

Sure, I know my actual age (somewhere between 50 and 70.) And I have eleven grandchildren. So, that’s an old thing.

But, what I realized is that I seem to be most comfortable with old things.

My car was made in 1994.

I own a record player. And a typewriter. And a sliderule. I carry a pocket watch. And I write with a fountain pen. I make wooden toys and wooden footlockers.

I like old time country music; Hank Williams Sr, Willy Nelson, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton. I also like old time rock and roll. Bob Segar, Elvis, The Beatles. I just bought a Beach Boys album. Like the actual plastic disk to play on my record player.

I like books. Physical paper books.

I like growing things. Grass, trees, a garden. Not sure if that’s an old time thing. But, it seems like it is.

But, I realized it may be more than simply an affinity for nostalgia.

I’m writing this on an iPad. I’ve created virtually all the entries on this site on this iPad. The site’s been up for about 8 years. The iPad was already a couple of years old when I started it.

There are some apps that no longer run on this iPad. The OS is too old to update. Most banking apps don’t run. The MLB app doesn’t run anymore. Could I get a new iPad? Sure. Do I feel any compelling desire to update my iPad? Nope.

Most of my computers are old. They were new once. But, for a tech guy I have a pretty poor home network system. Well, not so much poor, as, well, old.

It’s got me wondering. I’m doing a bit of introspection. What does it mean? What does it say about me that I seem to be living in the last century?

I’m not sure I know what it means.

Pretty sure in addition to anything else. It means I’m old.

Stay safe

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