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Random And Some WalMart Shots

May 30, 2022

Things You See In WalMart

I was in WalMart today picking up some last minute things for our Memorial Day BBQ.

I noticed this sign.

I didn’t bother to look in the bin. I didn’t need to. I remember 1988 and the electronics were pretty bad.

A few rows away I noticed this display.

Now I know why they say, “Ask for assistance for items on the top shelf.” Hope no one wanted those green ones.

Unexpected Benefit Of My North Facing Driveway

I love my house. Seriously, it fits our family perfectly. We had extended family over for a BBQ today and it was great to be able to entertain in the back yard. And my driveway is nice and flat and long. Great for car repairs.

There’s jus tone problem, my driveway faces North. Well, it’s not really a problem, but I thought it was. See, it snows in Utah in the winter. Never enough, but plenty. If you have a south facing driveway the winter sun, which sits low in the Southern sky, will help to thaw the snow on your driveway.

Last weekend I did some work on my daughter’s car. And I discovered my north facing driveway wasn’t such a problem after all.

Do you see it? I had to change the oil. And because my driveway faces north, I get to spend most of the work in the shade.

I love my house. . .especially it’s north facing driveway.

The Reason We Get To Have A BBQ

I attended the Memorial Day service in my little town of Pleasant Grove today. The weather seemed to match the mood. It was grey and overcame but the sun eventually came through.

The crowd was small but respectful.

The guest of honor was a veteran of four wars: WWII, Korea, Vietnam and The Cold War. He is 98 years old. I can only hope to be in his shape at that age. He later posed for pictures with my beautiful daughter and the rest of the Miss Pleasant Grove Royalty.

My daughter Ruth is the one on the left.

I’m grateful for all the Veterans who are no longer with us, especially those in my family, from my father who manned a radio shack in Alaska, all the way back to Capt Abdail Bliss who fought at Lexington and Concord.

Stay safe

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