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Wait, Was That Too Well Written?

May 24, 2022

My editor was half way through the line edits on my latest short story.

Still seems like your main character is pretty creepy. I thought you were going to make the computer the villain?

I did. I completely flipped their roles. The main character is now a somewhat clueless social nerd. Did you get the updated draft?

The thing about your writing is it’s pretty clean. So, I didn’t realize it was still your first draft.

My story, titled, “You Can Call Me Dan” is a scheduled to be part of an anthology out this Christmas. This story will be with the same publisher as my most recent short story. So, the editor and I have worked together, but we’ve never met in person.

I’ve enjoyed his edits. And my latest story DID have a creepy protagonist. The story that will be published in November will be a better story for the edits. And the villain is now a creepy computer program. Not the protagonist (who falls in love with the girl.)

But, I had to laugh when he basically said that my first draft was TOO well written. He went on to say,

I can tell within a paragraph or two.

A couple weeks ago the editor for my newspaper column called me out for writing a column that made her cry. She told me that it wasn’t okay for me to do that. Now, another editor told me that my first draft wasn’t rough enough.

Writers don’t write for the accolades, but I have to admit to having an ego. And while comments from readers are absolutely valued, editors are often jaded. When the editor offers a compliment it’s one to keep.

Or blog about.

I’ll let you know when “You Can Call Me Dan” will be available in print.

Stay safe

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