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Projects Delayed – Projects Completed

May 2, 2022

I had plans.

There was a Mariners baseball game at 6:10.

I missed it.

I had a writers meeting at 7:00.

I missed it.

Instead I had something more important to do.

I’m pretty good fixing cars. But, only the metal parts. I don’t really do the electrical part. My neighbor does. He’s really good at it. That’s probably why I never really learned much about it.

For months we’ve been trying to find time to get together to do work on my lovely wife’s car. As I pulled into my driveway he let me know that,

We’re going to be doing some soldering this evening.

Did I mention he’s doing this as a favor?

So, my other project were put on hold.

We did a couple of different repairs on my lovely wife’s car. First, we rewired an add on taillight strip. My neighbor had helped wire it in originally. But, the first time, I only wired it to the Reverse gear, so that lights would come on when the car was in reverse. For the rest of it, I just plugged it into the trailer lights connector.

My neighbor suggested at the time, that we wire it into the electrical system. I decided not to.

And then the wiring broke.

I didn’t have time to do it right, so now I have to have time to do it over

The second thing we wired was a backup camera. I bought it over a year ago. It needs to be wired into the Reverse gear. Now it is.

More to do, of course. I now have to configure the camera. But, I”m grateful to my neighbor of his help.

And the Mariners lost 0-3 to the Astros.

Stay safe

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