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That Is The Right Question

March 18, 2022

“It’s not how much you make per hour. It’s how much you make per year.”

– Lloyd Bliss (My father)

When I first started working I remember being proud of the amount I earned per hour. Maybe I was mowing lawns. Or maybe I it was mucking hours stalls. But, I’d get work hard and manage to earn something amazing like $10 or $12 per hour. The point was it was only for a single hour. My dad used to remind me that it’s not a single hour, it’s what you get for a year.

The most I’ve ever made in my career (per hour) was $250. That’s the equivalent of $500,000 per year. (I did NOT earn a half million per year.) I did earn pretty good money that year consulting.

I don’t do consulting anymore. Now, I’m a writer. (BTW, typically writers earn less than minimum wage when you chart it out. Most of us anyway. ) Writers write. But, we also need to sell our work. And do that requires readers. . .and viewers.

Last week I posted on LinkedIn and got a really good response.

My brother is an expert on increasing your reach on LinkedIn. People pay him a lot of money for his help. And he’s really good. He’s my brother, so he helps me for because he can.

As the views on my post kept rising, I looked at the data on who was looking at my post. By far the largest group were people who had a job title of author. I DM’d my brother,

Looks like the bulk of people viewing my post are exactly the people I’m trying to influence.

That’s exactly the right answer

He was pointing out that while a large number of views on a post is exciting, it’s really about making sure the right group of people are seeing your post. And it was exciting to see a post getting noticed.

This week I created another post on LinkedIn. Typically I post once per week. This week’s post? Not nearly as effective.

As I was lamenting the difference between last week and this week, I remembered my father’s counsel. He passed away before social media became a thing. Had he been around for it, and if he cared, I’m sure he’d have pointed out that it’s not the number of views on a post, it’s the number of views per year.

Stay safe

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