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And Just Like That Spring Arrived!

March 10, 2022
Red and Rover by Brian Basset, baseball spring training

Yep. I totally get it, kid.

The calendar says that Spring starts on March 20. Don’t believe it. Spring stated today. After 99 days, the Major League owners and players reached an agreement. Spring training is kicking off and the season got pushed back 8 days. Now it will start on April 7, instead of March 31. And most importantly it will be a full 162 game season.

I posted on social media about the lockout ending and one of my Facebook friends didn’t understand why I was excited.

Would you really miss those “lost” games?

I missed the lost 2 innings last year when they only played 7 inning games on days they had a double header.

I’m a bit of a baseball nut.

Mini bat display, mariners, baseball, mlb, Louisville slugger

It’s not a shrine. Of course, it’s not NOT a shrine either

This is a custom display board I built myself. To showcase the mini-bats I got from the Louisville Slugger museum and factory and the three pennants that the Mariners have managed to win in their 36 years history.

Baseball hats mlb

12 down only 17 more to go (Still debating about the Yankees)

And these are a few of the hats I have collected from the 12 MLB stadiums I’ve been to. (There are 30 total, so I have 18 to go.)

I was dreading a long drawn out lockout. My guess was that Opening Day would be pushed back to July.

I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

Stay safe

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