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The End And The Beginning (Masonic Prayers)

March 3, 2022

Today was the end of an era for my Masonic Lodge, Story Lodge #4. It was the last business meeting we will hold in our building. The building, built in 1973 has been home to Story Lodge and Damascus Lodge for the past 50 years.

My position in our lodge is as chaplain. My duties include saying prayers at the opening and closing of the lodge meeting. The prayers are written and are addressed to the non-denominational “Great Architect of The Universe.”

These are the prayers I offered tonight:


Great Architect of the Universe, we meet at the end and at the beginning. At the beginning of this meeting help us remember the principles of Masonry in our discussions and in our votes. We are reminded of brothers not able to meet through time, distance or circumstance. We also remember the thousands of brothers before us who called Story their home.

We recognize the ending. The ending of our time in this building and the many happy memories. Watch over our proceedings. Let us enjoy our time together as we work for the good of Masonry and each other.



Great Architect of the Universe we come before you at the end as at the beginning. As we end this gathering and end our sojourn in this place. Send us away with happy memories and renewed bonds of friendship.

And as we commence at the beginning, the beginning of our time as a traveling lodge, help us remember the ties that bind us as brothers and friends are stronger than stones and timbers. Our ties transcend time and space. As we take our lodge from this place of familiarity to a place of unfamiliarity, a place of history to a bright uncharted future bind our hearts and minds ever closer together. That we may continue to enjoy our fellowship and fidelity wherever we may meet


Stay safe

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