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Miscellany II: Interview With Author Kevin A. Davis

January 7, 2022

The anthology, Miscellany Volume II will be available on January 12. I recently got a chance to sit down with one of the authors, Kevin A. Davis.

[Rodney M. Bliss] Shattered Blood, the origin story for your AngleSong Series just released last month. And you have five more volumes in the series set to release in the coming months. What made you decide to self-publish? And considering your rapid-release schedule, did you write the books sequentially, or did you write multiple books at the same time?

[Kevin A. Davis] The purpose of a publisher is to expose your writing to their audience, which for decades meant one of the big five getting you in bookstores, libraries, or book fairs. As physical stores declined and supermarket racks disappeared in the 1990s, it left midlist writers making less income than some self-published authors. The big five’s pushback (overpricing) from ebooks exacerbated the situation as Kindle took the stage. In the past two decades, there is an expectation from publishers of self-promotion and dwindling benefits in contracts. I’m willing to take on the extra work, though my aim is hybrid with both trade and self-publish series.

In the case of the AngelSong Series, I wrote the six novels sequentially in 2021 with the express intent of a rapid (monthly) release in 2022. Editing and plotting swirled around the works in progress as they became needed or available. I am still waiting on edits and proofs for the later books.

[RMB] What advice would you give to other authors who want to self-publish?

[KAD]Take my advice with a grain of salt, until I make more money than I spend. Join self-publishing groups and conferences while you write. Please don’t write one book and try editing it to death. Hire an editor while you write the next book. New books and new stories will only make you a better writer.

[RMB] Many authors simply want to write. As your own publisher, you have to do so much more than just put words on paper. Did you find the publishing process a distraction from your writing? Or did it allow you to simple stay in your universe, just in a different role?

[KAD]It is a completely different mindset, but I own multiple businesses so it fits my personality to manage processes. I created Inkd Publishing and before I published Shattered Blood, began managing an anthology project. Hidden Villains will be available in February of 2022.. Yes, it distracts. I’m writing these words instead of my WIP.

[RMB] This is your first story with Word Addicts. What is the biggest challenge writing a short story after tackling a six volume series?

[KAD] Shorts are great to explore voice, genre, and style. The only challenges I personally go through are finding editors that do a good job and keep your voice. I’ve written over a dozen shorts and a couple novellas in 2021 with four of them accepted in the same year. My primary editor I’ve kept busy on the AngelSong series and the Hidden Villains anthology.

[RMB] Without giving anything away, what can you tell us about your entry in Miscellany Volume II? Is it anything like your previous stories?

[KAD] Over the course of four days, I wrote two stories with a theme that hinted or embraced cycles. One Victorian era London, and Wheel is Turning in a fantasy otherworld setting. I tend toward Urban Fantasy, but short stories give a quick opportunity to explore voice, genre, and style. The short had been edited, but James made Wheel is Turning into a story I can be proud of, hopefully I learned from the experience.

[RMB] Where can readers get more information about the AngelSong series and where they might see you in person in 2022?

[KAD] I’ll have books for sale at Superstars in Colorado Springs this February, and later in the month I’ll have a booth at SyFy Bartow.

My website or will have the most up to date information on releases and presales. Hit up BookFunnel for a free ebook of Shattered Blood: The Origin Story if you’d like to get started in Haddie’s adventures.

Author – Kevin A. Davis

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