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‘Tis The Season. . .For Sniffles and Coughs

December 20, 2021

My father-in-law went into the hospital today. It was unexpected. Fortunately, he had my dear mother there to help him. He’ll spend a couple days in the hospital, but should mean a full recovery. My dear mother called me,

I think we’re just going to cancel Christmas this year.

They live in Arizona and were not planning to come visit. But, they were planning a Christmas celebration in Sun City. My aunt and cousins and their families are there. But, now it seems like, on top of everything else, it’s too much.

I think Christmas is different for all of us this year. Just as it was last year when this thing called COVID meant we’d have to suspend family gatherings for a few months. And a few months turned into several months and now we’ve lost track of how many months.

This year I decided I’d make Christmas presents. That’s a good plan in July. It’s a pretty good plan in October. It’s a risky plan in December. Especially if you get sick the week before Christmas.

So, I stare at the half completed presents in my garage, count the calendar days and try to decide how much I really don’t feel like getting out of bed.

Maybe Mom had good idea after all.

Stay safe

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