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When The Matrix Gets Sloppy

December 8, 2021

Ever been in a business meeting and seen someone and thought, “That guy looks familiar”? When was the last time that happened?

Nope. Me neither.

Ib my job I take a lot of zoom or Teams calls. I have developers in Nepal. My client is in another state. I’ve never met any of them in person.

But, I’ve met a couple before, or at least heard them before. Two of the people in our conference calls sound exactly like two people I work with now. I’d met the people on my old team. Julie was a director in Louisville. Daryl was a system analyst in San Antonio. I’d worked with both of them for years.

I’ve never met my new team. Steve and Garrett both work in Austin. Because I’ve never seen them, in my mind they match their voices. And therefore they look exactly like Julie and Daryl.

Sometimes, when it thinks it can get away with it, the Matrix tries to cut corners. It reuses voice prints.

And it thought no one would notice.

Stay safe

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