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Wine And Cider? Or Juice and Sauce

November 15, 2021

It’s been a long weekend. I spent a fair amount of it in orchards. There’s an ancient practice called gleaning. It’s after a harvest is done, to allow others to come through the field and take what’s left.

I didn’t exactly glean, since the orchards I was in didn’t have harvests done. But, I was able to get a couple bushels of grapes and several bushels of apples.

Grapes make wine and apples make cider. I’m not making either. (Which kind of rhymes with cider, although that wasn’t my intention.)

It’s been a lot of time spent over a stove or a steamer, or a canner. I did manage to take pictures.

We will end up with a couple of shelves full of canned jars.

But, all of that is for tomorrow.

Stay safe

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