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Special Talents? Depends On The Definition of Special

October 26, 2021

My kids gave me a present for Father’s Day last year. Every Monday I get an email with a new question.

This week’s question was “Do you have any special talents?”

Don’t get me wrong. I believe everyone has talents. You, right now, reading this, you have a talent. Probably more than one. And naturally that includes me. But, that’s the issue.

“When everyone’s super . . .no one will be.”
– Syndrome

I have friends who are truly talented, writers, comedians, executives. One friend from high school is the chairman of one of the largest television studios in Hollywood. He was one of my three best friends in high school. We did everything together. My friend is super successful, right? But, I don’t feel pressured by him. He doesn’t work on cars or make things out of wood.

Who’s more talented? Him for building a multi-billion dollar company, or me for being able to turn a pile of 2x2s and plywood into a custom made chest?

Society would say the person who makes the most money is the most successful. My friend and I have never viewed it like that.

He’s definitely talented. And he can do things that I absolutely cannot. But, there are things I can do. Are either of us special? I don’t know. Are the talents we have special? Okay, my friend’s probably is. Not many people can do what he does.

But, there are a lot of people who can do what I do. There are better writers. Funnier comedians. Better mechanics. We have talents. But, are they special?

I don’t know.

I wrote some words about talents. I’m not sure I believe them. is everyone special or is no one?

Stay safe

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