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It’s More Beautiful, Because It’s Yours

October 12, 2021

My friend Jason is a photographer. I don’t mean he takes pictures. He creates memorable images. He mixes light and color in ways that I can appreciate, but couldn’t begin to duplicate.

Autum is a wonderful time for photographers. Especially in Utah. Utah colors are beautiful in the fall. We got our first significant snow this week. It hasn’t touched the valley floor, but it’s clothing our mountains in white. And the high meadows and lakes are already putting on their winter finery.

Jason is happy to share his work on Facebook. I enjoy following him, not only because he’s a nice guy. But, because his pictures are magnificent.

He posted one earlier this week of Silver Lake. It’s up above the snow line in American Fork Canyon. Jason posted his picture like he often does. Among the many complimentary comments that people posted, one fan posted a similar picture. It was nearly the same shot, taken about the same time of day from the same location. She captioned it,

Similar to yours, just not as good.

In addition to posting on Facebook, Jason is also active in the comments thread. And, as I said, he’s a really nice guy. His response was one of the most remarkable I’d ever seen. It managed to both acknowledge his own skill, but the skill of fan. He was more than willing to share the experience and the praise. He said,

It’s better, because it’s yours

And knowing Jason, He was being honest. He wasn’t only being humble.

Art and artists are funny folks. What they do is something that anyone can do, but no one can do exactly the same. I think my friend Jason was saying we are all artists. And while it’s okay to appreciate art created by others, we need to appreciate our own art, whether that’s photography, painting, drawing, music, dance, or whatever your muse inspires you with.

Absolutely, it’s better because it’s yours.

You can find Jason Robison’s photography here.

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