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Old Stuff

October 1, 2021

I like old stuff. Why? I have no idea. Most new things are more efficient, cheaper, more useful. But, that doesn’t change me liking old stuff. Here’s just some of it.

I carry a pocket handkerchief and a pocket knife.

My stepfather gave me this 1921 silver dollar that I carry for luck.

My son gave me this pocket watch. I carry it every day. And use it regularly.

I have a bit of a pocket watch collection. From left to right. Far left belongs to my son. The next one is one I bought. The black one is actually tarnished silver. It was a gift from my mother to my father. The watch fob belonged to my grandfather. The white faced watch next to that belonged to my other grandfather. The one on the end of the board was another gift from a kid. And the watch in the glass case belonged to my great-grandfather. Oh, and the wooden display board was made by my daughter.

Lots of history in that picture.

This is what people used before we had calculators and smart phones. This is a slide rule. It’s the tool that engineers used to put a man on the moon.

I not only own a slide rule, I can use it. (Okay, I can only multiply an divide.)

I’ve typed on this old type writer. As a writer, I have to admit I appreciate my computer and iPad. Corrections are SO much easier. But, still the typewriter has a place of honor in my office.

No, this isn’t any sort of incense or drug picture. It’s a wax seal that imprints the Masonic image. And that’s a wax stick. And that’s a traditional Zippo lighter.

A leather journal and a fountain pen? Of course.

This looks old, but is actually very modern. This entertainment center is bluetooth enabled, has a CD player, a cassette player and of course, can play records. I own three.

Here’s another new thing that looks old. This is a replica deck of 1865 playing cards. I play solitaire with these.

These books look old and they are old. These are Tyler Ledgers for Story Lodge #4. The books cover attendees from the years 1896 through 1910. I’m the historian for Story Lodge #4. These are irreplaceable.

Do I NEED to lock my rolltop desk with a large brass key?


Do I lock my rolltop desk with a large brass key?

Just about every day.

Even my car is old. It’s a 1996 Toyota Corolla. It’s manual transmission, manual windows, manual doorlocks.

I just like the old stuff.

Of course, if you ask my kids, they’d say I just like stuff as old as me. . .I’m not sure they are wrong.

Stay safe

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  1. Sometimes the old stuff is the better stuff, with the newer stuff being pale imaginations, or at least the older stuff still works in a power failure.
    multiplication and division is about my limit as well on the old slide stick

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