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All I Want To Do Is Watch Baseball

September 28, 2021

Sorry, I realize very few of you, my faithful readers are baseball fans. I try to limit the amount of words I put down on this electronic paper talking about America’s pastime. And honestly, whatever I write today will be in the bottom of the birdcage tomorrow. Baseball is like that. With 162 game regular season, there’s a baseball game every day, with few exceptions from April through October.

Have you ever watched a car race? Indianapolis 500, or the Daytona 500, or example? That race is 500 miles long and often the ending is decided by a handful of seconds. Sometimes baseball seasons are like that. They play for six months and the season can be decided in the last few days.

My favorite team, the Seattle Mariners are in that position. They have four games left. And they are 1/2 game away from qualifying for the playoffs. (Don’t worry too much about what a “half game” means. I don’t really understand it either. Well, I do, but well enough to explain it.)

So, here we are, the last week of September, and the Mariners, the team that has the longest playoff drought (20 years) and the only MLB team to NEVER attend the World Series is fighting for a chance to keep playing after game 162 records its final out.

I know those of you who aren’t baseball fans, don’t care. And even those of you who are, many of you support some team besides the Mariners. But, this week is why I love being a baseball fan. It will all be over in week. Even if they win, it will be the playoffs, a whole new season.

But, for now. . .it’s wonderful.

Stay safe

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