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Call For Readers!

September 13, 2021

I have a favor to ask. I need your help. And you can really help.

I have three short stories that I need beta readers. It’s easy, all you have to do it contact me at any of the locations in my signature block. It’s not JUST all about me. There’s something in it for you too.

First let me tell you about the stories:

1. You’re Already Dead

This story takes place in the vast reaches of space. Our hero has a very important job. A very BORING important job. Fortunately, he has the computer for company. It’s too bad he can’t stand her. But, surprisingly the story itself isn’t boring. It’s exciting, especially when you consider there’s just a couple of people.

3200 words

2. Buried Alive

What is it with guys stuck by themselves? Our hero (different from the last guy) falls in a hole. The author (that’s me) then spends 4300 words trying to help the guy get out of the hole. But, again, it’s not as boring as I’m making it sound. (I’m really a much more interesting author than I’m describing myself as.) Anyway, the cool thing about THIS guy is that he can “see” with his voice. (Good thing since it gets pretty dark in holes in the ground.) And not just sing, his voice is a weapon. Okay, that would sound more conflicting if I hadn’t already said he’s by himself. But, trust me, it’s more interesting than it sounds here.

3. Syren Rebels

FINALLY a story that involves more one person. . .oh, and our hero is a woman. Do you like American Sign Language? (Everyone does. It’s really interesting.) Imagine a world where everyone is deaf. How would that change things? How would government work? Oh, and also imagine what would happen to a high-tech society that suddenly found itself without any metal. Seriously, imagine what that might look like. Having trouble? Then, you should read Syren Rebels and I’ll tell you what it’s like. . .oh and lots of sign language. . .and rebels. 3500 words

Why these three together? They actually all happen on the same planet. However, the stories are separated by thousands of years.

Here’s where you can help. I’m submitting these to an anthology (more details when they’ve officially accepted them.) I really would like to get some feedback before I hand them over the editors. If Disney did a Writer’s Story, the editors would play the evil stepmother. I want to avoid embarrassing myself in front of mother.

So, all you need to do is contact me and say, “I’d like to be a beta reader for xxxx_xxx” Where “xxxx_xxx” is, of course, one of the stories from above. I’ll send you a .pdf and you’ll have a chance to read it before the evil editors. (They are really nice guys, but I’m trying to sell a specific narrative here.)

Also, if you would like to be notified when the anthology is available, let me know that too. I’ll get around to creating a button or something here that will sign you up. For now, just let me know you’re interested and I’ll send you an email when the anthology gets closer to publication.

Stay safe

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