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Chicks Dig Scars (WARNING: Potentially Disturbing Images)

August 31, 2021

It only takes a moment’s distraction. Literally one second of not paying close enough attention.

Saturday I was working on a project where I was cleaning up a metal trailer, using an oversized sanding wheel on my grinder. Of course, I was wearing gloves. And a good thing.

I think my glasses slipped. I went to adjust them and my glove met Mr. Grindy.

And just like that my entire Saturday was rescheduled. Instead of hanging out in my driveway grinding on the tow dolly you see pictured behind the grinder. . .

I got to hang out in the IHC Urgent Care office in American Fork. When I walked in, the receptionist took one look at my hand and asked,

Are you bleeding?

Not if I hold it tight like this.

Well, hold it like that then. It going to be a while. We’re pretty stacked up today.

The bleeding did mostly stop. And I got a good look at what happens when a 60 grit sanding disk spinning at 10,000 RPM meets flesh (after chewing through a leather glove like butter.)

I really didn’t want to go to the Urgent Care. But, I realized there was no way that was going to close on its own. Unlike a knife that makes a clean cut, a grinder takes out a section of whatever it touches.

I drove myself to the Urgent Care. But, even before I left home I checked in with my kids to let them know I was leaving and a couple of people were dropping stuff off so watch for it. I walked up to my neighbor’s house. She’s a nurse and confirmed that I should go get it looked at. I checked with my son on where the nearest Urgent Care was located. Our normal one just closed.

Then, I collected a book (still slogging through Don Quixote, on page 550 of 800.) I picked up a bottle of Coke since I knew I would be waiting. I drove the 10 minutes to the Urgent Care. I mentioned to the receptionist,

It actually doesn’t hurt as much as I assumed it would.

Well, you’re in shock.

You think so?

Anytime our body gets injured we go into shock.

Maybe. One of the symptoms of being is shock is that you don’t always know you are in shock. But, I certainly didn’t feel like I was in shock. I found a nice soft chair in the waiting room just in case I had a reaction when I was no longer “in shock.” (I wasn’t.)

Eventually, after an hour or so, it was my turn to go see the doctor. . .after more waiting in the exam room.

I joke about the length of the wait, but that is exactly how Triage works. Medical professionals are trained to divide people into three categories.

  1. Those who can wait for treatment (That was me.)
  2. Those who need immediate attention (active bleeding, COVID, throwing up, etc.)
  3. Those who will likely die regardless

Seriously, in a disaster situation, medical professionals literally make life and death decisions. They have to sometimes look at someone, tell them, “You’re going to be okay,” and then ignore them to move on to someone who is more likely to be saved.

Medical professionals are first responders, too.

I wasn’t too upset at waiting. The doctor spent a while looking at the wound.

I’m glad you came in. But, grinder injuries are difficult because we have to stretch the skin to pull it back together. It’s going to leave a pretty obvious scar.

Well, I was never going to be a hand model anyway. And I’ve heard that girls like scars. My wife’s out of town for a week. I’m waiting until she gets back to let her know.

I decided to mix up my Saturday schedule. Instead of being outside sanding down the trailer, I’d hang out in my office and work on the computer.

This was the image when I first turned on my computer.

Well played Universe. Well played!

Stay safe

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  1. patricia a nelson permalink

    I am Rodney’s mother. Sure wish I was there to help with whatever. I’m so thankful you had gloves on and it wasn’t even more disastrous than it already is. Please pay attention and be careful!!!

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