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An Unexpected Benefit I Didn’t Get At My New Job

August 25, 2021

My new job has been everything that they promised during the interview. I have a wonderful office. It’s got a beautiful view. (That wasn’t promised, but it’s a nice benefit.)

The salary, the benefits, exactly as described.

My coworkers? The team? Yep. All a bunch of great guys and a brilliant woman in charge of. . .just about everything in the office.

The job is a challenging, but really enjoyable. I’m still learning and I will be trying to come up to speed for a while. But, nothing that wasn’t explained.

But, now I’ve found something that wasn’t on the brochure. An added benefit that my current employer didn’t mention. But, it’s not something they are providing me. It’s something they aren’t.

Something unusual happened today; I got 4 emails. That might not seem exceptional. But, that was the total for the entire day.

At my previous job I got four emails. Of course, I got a lot more than that. I got on average about 80-100 emails per day. I got so many that when I went on vacation I would typically log into my email just to keep it down to a reasonable amount.

I’ve been at my job for about three weeks now. And in that time I’ve got a total of about 20 emails. The bulk were links to tools that I needed to install.

We are an in-office shop. And that gives us the freedom to walk down the hall and ask a question. My boss ends up in my office a couple times per day,

Rodney, how’s it going? What are you working on now?

And I can ask him questions, get clarification, or just talk about BYU football. I didn’t expect to not get so many emails.

It’s been an unexpected benefit. One that I didn’t realize I wouldn’t be getting.

Stay safe

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