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Tests And Tests

August 5, 2021

I’m not a fan of tests. That’s probably not surprising. Many people dislike tests. I’m not special. And yet, tests are part of our life.

I used to think that when I was done with school, I’d be done with tests. I thought that until I got done with school.

There are plenty of additional tests. I took my drivers test while in school. But, later I went and got a motorcycle endorsement: Test.

I went into IT. IT has TONS of certifications. I currently hold a half dozen or more. I have at least twice that many that have lapsed or become irrelevant. Each one has a certification test that goes with it.

My lovely wife is studying to be a Medical Assistant. She takes multiple tests per week.

I recently went in for some medical tests. More tests.

I recently completed the Six Sigma Green Belt certification. It takes about 20 hours of instruction and a test.

I was studying for it when my friend Joe was in the hospital fighting for his life. I was preparing for a test and he was being subjected to tests. The results of my test could influence my job. The results of his tests could have affected his life.

Of course, not all tests are equally important.

I was really anxious about my exam. I spent almost as time prepping for the exam as I did completing the coursework. I was taking the exam to prepare for a job interview. I’d been out of work for months and my anxiety was pretty high.

But, I considered my friend Joe and his tests. Ultimately, I passed my exam and gained my certification. Ultimately, Joe’s tests came back terminal.

I would imagine that tests will be a part of my life until my death, just as it will be for all of us.

But, when I get too stressed about a one of my tests, I remember Joe and his tests.

As I said, someone tests are more important than others.

Stay safe

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