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What I Was Praying For Kept Me From What I Wanted

August 2, 2021

It was a simple job. But the setup was a little complex. Someone posted on our community page that they needed someone to till a garden spot. It’s an odd time of year to be tilling a garden spot, but be that as it may, I responded.

I could probably come do it on Monday afternoon.

Great, we have three large dogs so check with my wife before you come by.

Do you mind if I drop my tiller off there on Sunday?

No problem.

The issue is that my lovely wife drives the car, or SUV rather, that can pull a trailer. The person needing the work done was a couple miles from my house. Too far to push a tiller; even an expensive one like mine that has a forward and reverse gear.

But, I don’t have a trailer. Fortunately, my friend Toad has a trailer. He lives in Provo. So, I had to go get the trailer from him so I could use it to take the tiller to the job site.

It’s not rocket science, clearly, but it did take some coordination.

Being out of work, I’m happy to pick up the odd job. Everything went according to plan on Sunday. And then on Monday my prayers were answered. But, not the way you might think.

It rained. . .a lot. Have you ever tried to use a rototiller in the rain? It’s not a good look. Lots of mud. My tiller is big enough to handle it, but I didn’t look forward to tromping through a muddy field. My boots would be totally caked. Here in Utah where have clay. When it gets a little wet, it becomes a big sticky mess. That’s part of the reason we have such a problem with flash floods.

Water doesn’t really soak in.

I really wanted to finish that job. My buddy, Toad, needs to borrow the tiller. I’m going to take it back when I return his trailer. That was supposed to happen tonight. I’ll have to call him tomorrow and tell him I’ve been delayed. I already called the client and told them that I’m not coming today.

You might be wondering how all of this, was an answer to my prayers. I mean, I didn’t pray that I wouldn’t be able to do that job today. And, of course, I want to be able to finish up tomorrow. . .that is unless it rains again.

The thing is I’m praying for rain. The entire state has been praying for rain. The governor actually asked us to pray for rain. We are in a multi-year drought. Lake Powell and Lake Mead are drying up. The Great Salt Lake is drying up.

We’ve been praying for rain for months.

So, I kind of hope that I can go rototill the garden tomorrow. But, I pray that I won’t be able to.

Stay safe

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