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What Do Masonic Chaplains Do?

July 1, 2021

Today’s Educational is on the different roles within Masonry.

Masonic lodges have a specific list of roles. Each has it’s own responsibility.

  • Worshipful Master

  • Senior Warden

  • Junior Warden

  • Senior Deacon

  • Junior Deacon

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Tyler

  • Senior Steward

  • Junior Steward

  • Marshall

  • Chaplain

We didn’t go through all roles, of course. The stewards explained their role. The Junior Warden explained his role. The Tyler gets an actual sword. he explained his role.

We only have a few minutes left, I want Rodney to explain the Chaplain role.

Chaplain is an interesting role. It’s not elected like many roles in a Masonic Lodge are. The Chaplain is chosen by the Worshipful Master. Our current Worshipful Master chose me. Naturally, I bought a book. I’m a writer. There’s always a book.

A Chaplain has a few enumerated responsibilities and a lot of unlisted ones. Not surprisingly the Chaplain says prayers. Masonic meetings are non-denominational. The only requirement is to belief in a Supreme Architect of the Universe. You can call him God, Jehovah, Allah or Flying Spaghetti Monster. (Okay, Pastaferians might have trouble getting in.) So, the prayers are non-denominational.

I’m a person of faith. In my faith we typically don’t offer memorized prayers. Oh, there are a few associated with specific ordinances. But, for the most part prayers are offered from the heart.

That’s not the case in Masonry. The prayers are written down, not necessarily memorized, but definitely preplanned. That was a change for me. I’m not used to reading prayers. And not writing them either.

But the Chaplain also has a counslor role. The Chaplain is tasked with bringing spirituality to the Lodge. I provide ministry services to the members in all ways and offer moral conscious experience as the officer of the lodge who is responsible for the spiritual and often emotional care of the Lodge, its members and their families.

That’s a lot more than just offering prayers. I don’t know how well I’ll do in this role. But, I do know that I’ll do my best to be there for the members of the Lodge.

Stay safe

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