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June 29, 2021

Well, not right now, but it was raining earlier today.

I grew up in a little town called Lacey, which is just outside of Olympia, which is just south of Seattle. Seattle is famous for rain. It doesn’t rain as much as people not from Seattle thinks it does. And it doesn’t rain as much as people from Seattle say that it does.

But, it does rain a lot. We got used to it. We just didn’t cancel stuff because of rain. Picnics, sporting events, campouts. We just did them rain or shine. Seattle sits next to a rainforest.

I don’t live in Seattle, or a little town outside of a small city just south of Seattle. Instead, I live in Utah. Utah is a desert. It doesn’t rain here much. and this year it’s rained less than normal. Last year we had a regular drought. This year we have an extreme drought. That’s like when your drought has a drought.

We got a little rain two weeks ago. And then the forecast was more of the same: hot and dry. Not as hot as Seattle is currently, but on average hotter than Seattle. Today I was working outside. I was building a playset. The book says it will take two people 12-14 hours. I worked on my own and in about 12 hours I managed to build just about all of it.

But, just as I was placing the highest piece in place, and before. I had a chance to bolt it in, the rains came. And the wind. Lots of wind. Working alone, I didn’t want to risk my creation falling apart. So, I did what anyone from a small town outside a small city south of Seattle would do. I worked through it. Wind blowing, rain pelting.

And I loved it. Rain here in Utah has been too rare for too long. It was uncomfortable. It was cold. (I hate cold.) It was a little scary since I was perched up on a ladder. But, considering it was RAIN, I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

Pray for rain.

Stay safe

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