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Real Names. . .And Toads

June 16, 2021

His name is Toad. He even has ID with that name on it. I’m not even sure of his legal name. But, his real name is Toad.

I have several adopted children. Here’s a hint, when talking to an adopted kid, don’t ask them if they know their “real” parents. Most of them will either just roll their eyes, or if they feel in the mood to educate you will point out that “real” parents are the ones that help you with your homework. They sit up with you at night when you are sick. They help you learn to ride a bike and throw a football. Real parents are the ones who show up and parent. OF COURSE they know their real parents. And so do you.

I have the same feelings about names. What is my friend’s real name? It’s the name his friends use. It’s the name that is used when we tell stories about him. It’s the name that he chooses to use.

I have another friend who is a transgender man. His real name is the name his friends use. There may be another name on his birth certificate. Honestly, I have no idea. Other than President Obama’s, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone elses birth certificate, and I don’t care.

But, my I know friend’s real name. Happy Pride Month.

Stay safe

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