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Looking Forward To Feeling Useful

June 11, 2021

I’ve had a full week. Really. I set goals. I made checklists. I made my to-dos and turned them into to-dones.

And for the most part it was a complete waste. My current “job” is to look for a job. It’s what everyone tells you when you are laid off. Your job is to go find another one. So, what’s my current job consist of? Mostly, it’s researching positions and filling out applications. Sending resumes. Writing cover letters.

Did you know it often takes 200 resumes sent out to find a job? I sent about 50 over the past few weeks. I’m 1/4 of the way there. . .if life worked by averages. But, I might find a job tomorrow, or it might take me a year or more. That’s the thing about averages.

But, tomorrow? I don’t know if I’ll find a job, but I will get to be useful. I’ve been useful this week. I repaired a dresser that was broken. I shampooed the carpets in my son’s old room. I patched the walls. I moved furniture. I fixed the slide on my grandkids’ play set. My reward for hours of filling out job forms is to get to work on my project list.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I’m taking a break from “my job.” Instead, I’m working a second job. “Daddy’s Garage” opens tomorrow morning. I have multiple appointments lined up.

A daughter is bringing her Camry in so I can replace the front rotors.

My son needs a new thermostat. Also in a Camry.

Another daughter is bringing her Ford Explorer in for an oil change. (Cheaper at Daddy’s Garage than the dealership.)

And I may do some work on my Yukon. It needs the e-brake fixed and some electrical work done.

As I look back at the end of the week, I will see the job search work as necessary, but ultimately not particularly fulfilling. Maybe I found a job this week. Maybe not. But, the work I do tomorrow will be real. And valuable. And useful.

I’ll be able to say it’s been a good week.

Stay safe

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