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Normal. . .Normal Is Good

April 30, 2021

My beloved Seattle Mariners were on TV tonight. Actually, they’re on TV every night since I spend for the right to watch them over the internet. But, I watched them on TV tonight. Generally I watch them on my computer. Not sure that’s important. (Okay, it’s not.)

The Mariners, like all MLB teams are playing a full season this year, 162 games. One hundred and sixty-two games seems like a lot. Basketball has a 72 game season. Pro football just expanded their season to 17 games.

So, 162 is a lot. It takes all summer to play it out. The world series will be in October and November. Football has the fall, but Summer belongs to baseball. At least it normally does. Last year was. . .different. This year we are back to normal.

We went to a wedding reception tonight. And we went to another one the night before. In both cases we knew the bride and her family. Our kids grew up together. Both the brides grew up on our street. One of them two houses over, the other one the next house.

The families, I’m sure coordinated the wedding receptions to make sure they didn’t conflict. Both parties were inviting the group of people.

We are very happy for the kids. And the idea of going to a reception, that weddings were happening, was again, normal.

We could use more normal. Here’s hoping the summer is more normal.

Oh, the Mariners won, keeping them 3 games above .500 and one game out of first place. That’s certainly not normal, but it’s the kind of not normal I’ll take.

Stay safe

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