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Why I Like Crying Babies. . .On Planes And Elsewhere

April 14, 2021

I used to travel a lot. I spent a lot of time in airports. I spent a lot of time on planes. I had an entire routine for when I got to my seat. I’d put my carry on in the overhead. I’d put my computer bag under the seat in front of me. I’d pull out my water bottle and stick in the seat back pocket. Put the knock pillow behind my head. I’d turn on my iPod and put on my noise cancelling headphones. Then, I’d lean back, close my eyes and enjoy the flight.

I’d often miss the in-flight beverage service. I like to sleep on planes. Occasionally, I’d watch a movie instead of listen to the iPod; on my noise cancelling headphones, of course.

I really like those headphones. I’m partial to Bose. But, I also had Parrot headphones. My first set of Bose headphones were great. I really like them. They were $300. That’s a lot of money to drop on a set of headphones. A friend of mine asked me if they were really worth it. I offered to let him borrow them. He was a gamer. The next morning he came into my office and tossed the headphone case back on my desk.

Thanks a lot! You just cost me three hundred bucks! Did you know that in the Star Wars game you can hear the ice clinking in the glass?

At one point I broke my headphones. I called Bose to see, even those they were old if it was possible to get them repaired.

Mr Bliss, were you happy with your previous set of Bose headphones?

I cried when they broke.

I’m a huge fan. And they work great. It’s why I won’t fly without them.

You might think that I don’t mind sitting by crying babies because my headphones block out the crying baby sound.


Bose headphones block out ambient noise. It’s a frequency thing. But, they allow the frequency that human voices use. So, that crying baby won’t be drowned out by the airplane engines.

So, why am I okay being seated by the crying baby?

I raised 13 kids. They all cried. Some a lot. Some a little. And like all parents, I stressed over their crying. Sometimes, several would all cry at once. It was nearly overwhelming at times.

What changed? Why am I so calm now when I hear a crying baby?

Because, I just think, it’s not my crying baby!

And that thought makes me smile!

Stay safe

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