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Corporate Training. . .And Baseball Games

April 12, 2021

I love baseball. I like baseball more than anyone I know. I attend games whenever I can. I used to travel around the US a lot. This gave me the opportunity to attend a lot of baseball games in the evenings. I would often drive 3 hours one way for a game. Shreveport to Dallas, Columbus to Pittsburgh, Port St Lucie to Orlando.

The only item on my bucket list is to watch a game in each of the 30 Major League ballparks. I’ve been to 12 so far. I got zero added last year, not surprisingly. Eventually, I’ll get to the remaining 18.

In the meantime I pay $25/month to watch the games on I’ve caught just about every Mariners game this year. They are 4-4. Their ace pitcher has an ERA over 10 and their number 3 pitcher is out with an arm strain and might need Tommy John surgery. It’s okay, they aren’t supposed to be good for another couple of years on their rebuilding schedule.

I would prefer to go to the ballpark. But, in the meantime, I make due by watching it remotely. There are been a lot of close plays this year. Baseball instituted instant replay a couple years ago. Not every play is reviewable, But, many are. And the games have turned on a couple of the calls this year.

During the time that the umpires are reviewing the play, the broadcast shows the replays. They show them from multiple angels. They slow it down. They talk about it. And then finally, they agree or disagree with the official call.

But, you know what the fans in the stands get to see during a replay? Not much. They see a little bit on the big screen, but mostly they get to watch the umpires with headsets on and their head under a hood.

The home experience is actually better in that respect. During the game, there’s an app that shows the location of every pitch. You can see in game stats. You can check previous year stats. You can check other scores. You can pretty much find anything. You can switch between the home broadcast and the away broadcast. You can pause. You can rewind.

In nearly every way the at home experience is superior. But, superior doesn’t mean better.

For many years I was a corporate trainer. I would teach classes of people who to use Microsoft, or Novell, or various other products. I loved classroom training. I enjoyed the interaction between myself and the students. I enjoyed the performance aspect of it.

Before COVID, most corporate training was done in person. During the pandemic, we all started consuming training remotely. Now, it’s possible to teach from and to anywhere. I attend a writing class. Sometimes I’ve had a conflict. I just find the recording and watch it and don’t miss any of the experience. Also, during a class, I can be doing research. I can chat with other participants. We can post questions and get answers. The PowerPoint presentations are available before and during the class.

As a remote learner I can do nearly everything in a superior fashion.

But, I miss the classroom experience. Superior doesn’t better.

Stay safe

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