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It’s Not About Cost. It Never Was

March 15, 2021

Do you you call it soda? Or pop? Or maybe soda pop. For simplicity sake let’s just call it Coke. (Not coke. The capitalization is really important here.)

How much does a bottle of Coke cost? If you are like most of America you buy stuff at WalMart. A 20 oz bottle of Coke in WalMart costs $1.88. That’s actually quite a bit for a bottle. In my opinion. But, if you are checking out and you decide you just need that caffeine fix, it’s convenient and it’s cold.

For just a few pennies less you can get three times as much Coke.

You read that right. If you are willing to pay less money. You can get more product. For $1.82, six cents less, you can have 67 ounces of Coke.

If WalMart knows anything, they know how to price their products. So, why would they have two products with such vastly different prices?

My dad was a realtor for a while. He taught me the three most important things to remember about real estate.

1. Location

2. Location

3. Location

I had a friend once who was trying to sell his house.

I can’t find anyone to pay me what’s it’s worth.


It’s worth what someone will pay you.

The Coke that is 2.7 cents per oz is located in the back of the store. It’s room temperature. The more expensive Coke is located at the front of the store, right next to the checkout counter. And it’s cold.

How much does Coke cost? That depends. How much is Coke worth? That also depends. The cost and the worth are not some explicit value. They are variable.

A things worth is not about it’s cost.

It never was.

Stay safe

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