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Getting Paid To Listen To My Favorite Music

February 24, 2021

Scott Adams published this script in 2018. It came up a couple days ago on my desk calendar.

When Adams wrote this strip he had no way of knowing about COVID. We weren’t even contemplating a worldwide work from home plan. My office is small. It’s about 4 feet wide by 7 feet long. (Yes, it is THAT small.) But, it’s in the basement and it has a door. When I sit down and shut the door, I’m in my own little world.

On my desk is an iPad, a cell phone, a VoIP Internet phone, a laptop in a docking station, a 23″ monitor and two 25″ monitors. And I have two small, but powerful stereo speakers. They are connected to my iPad and it’s 1500 song music library via Bluetooth.

If I set the speakers at the correct volume, you cannot hear them bleed over into my Zoom calls through my headset. I typically turn on the music in the morning and let it play all day. Sometimes I’ll pick an artist, Elton John, or The Beatles, or Miranda Lambert, or any of a hundred others. Other times, I’ll let the iPad randomly pick music. I might hear Miles Davis followed by Toby Keith. Doesn’t matter, I like them both.

And that’s what I realized on Monday when I was reading this cartoon. Dilbert complains about his job and thinks it would be better if he had a job that paid him to listen to his favorite music.

It’s three years later. Dilbert? Welcome to the future.

Stay safe

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