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Thank You, Derrick. . .A Star Trek Alliance Post

February 19, 2021

Is this Rodney?


Hi, this is Derrick at Game Night Games. Looks like those games you ordered finally came in.

It’s not that unusual, right? Maybe, in our age of “The Amazon of Everything” it’s unusual for someone to actually pre-order a game from a physical game store. But, I’m a big fan of supporting local businesses. And I like talking to someone and having them find exactly what I need.

Game stores, like everyone else have had to adapt to COVID. But, Utah is a very popular location for board games. We have two or three times as many games stores per capita than somewhere like Sacramento does.

And none of those stores carry my preferred line of games, Star Trek Attack Wing. The game has a passionate but small niche following. It has been in decline for years. Finally, none of the local gamestores had it. The only way to get the game was ordering it.

A quick note about Star Trek Attack Wing, it’s a game format. It has dozens of ships, hundreds of characters and upgrades. It’s based on Star Trek, but it’s really a tabletop game played with tiny plastic ships.

The manufacture, WizKids, decided to attempt to reboot the game for solo play. They announced Star Trek Alliance a couple of years ago. Naturally, I went to my FLGS (friendly local game store) and pre-ordered two copies. I always order two copies of each new STAW product that comes out. Fortunately, I have kids who enjoy Attack Wing also.

And then, like the rest of the STAW players in the world, I waited.

At first I waited a a couple months. Then we had more months of waiting. And more. And more.

After a year, I wondered if I should just tell my flgs that I wanted my money back. I decided to let it ride. Hoping that WizKids would eventually release the game.

Eventually they did, of course. A year and a half later.

My flgs called to let me know when WizKids started getting serious about the dates.

Rodney, we’re calling to let you know that WizKids expects to be shipping Alliance next month.


Yeah, funny thing, we’ve updated our ordering system since you originally ordered this. We had to just write a note as a reminder you’d already paid.

So, this week I made the trip up to Salt Lake City from my home in Pleasant Grove. I had to dodge the snow storms. But, it was great to finally get to be walking back into a game store, Game Night Games of Salt Lake City.

Of course, we were all wearing masks. It’s the nature of the world we live in. As I came through the doors, Derrick looked up from behind the plexiglass that was shielding the desk.

Welcome to Game Night Games. How can I . . .Hey! Alliance, guy!

I hadn’t been in that store for over a year and a half. And I walked in wearing a mask. And Derrick picked me out before I even spoke a word. And Derrick was absolutely genuine.

I collected my long awaited game and told him I wanted to pre-order copies of the next STAW updates taht were scheduled to be released by WizKids. A Cardassian expansion pack and a Vulcan expansion pack. Of course, I wanted two copies of each.

Well, they’re $29.99. And we’ll give you the 15% discount since we don’t carry it in the store. We’ll call you when it comes in. . .Hopefully sooner than 18 months.

Tomorrow one of my sons and I will start playing the Star Trek Alliance campaign game.

But, I can say if you are in the Salt Lake City area and you need games, boardgames, Role Playing Games, dice games, you should absolutely give Derrick at Game Night Games a call. Oh, and they can even get you a copy of Star Trek Alliance with a 15% discount. . .But, they’ll have to order it for you.

Stay safe

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