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Santa’s Workshop. . .Adult Edition (No, Not THAT Kind)

January 5, 2021

Yesterday I talked about how I made toys for my grandkids for Christmas this year. But, I also made presents for older kids, like kids in their 20’s. (They’re still “kids” if they are my kids.)

Presents this year were in two categories, well three, if you count the ones my father-in-law made years ago.

First, were footlockers. It’s a design I created several years ago. Over the years, I’ve made them for more of my kids. This year, I finished up with the last of them. They are made from A LOT of 2×2 boards and reclaimed shelves that my lovely wife’s sister gave us.

I opted not to paint them, unlike previous years. I’ll tell you that it was a design decision. But, when you finish up Christmas Eve, it’s hard to get the paint to dry in time.

They are designed according to the “helicopter” principle. Things in my workshop are built so a helicopter could land on them. For being as strong as they are, I’ve managed to make them much lighter over the years.

The other gifts I made were not built to the helicopter principle. One of my daughters got married this year. She married a wonderful man and changed her name to Sanchez. And, as I have for my other married kids, I carved her name in wood.

Last year, I di it for other kids and my lovely wife,

Finally, I refurbished two cars that my father-in-law gave to my two oldest children years and years ago.

While I also made copies for my grandkids, I’m pretty sure that these particular ones may become display pieces.

I spent a lot of time in my workshop this year. Next year, maybe I’ll go the commercial route. But, somehow I doubt it. Will my kids and grandkids appreciate these toys more than something I bought? I hope so. I know my oldest two were happy to get the old cars my father-in-law made back.

Stay safe

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