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Happiness Delayed, Happiness Denied

December 7, 2020

“Justice delayed is justice denied”

A legal term meaning if you don’t get justice right away it’s like not getting it at all.

Did you know that “Justice delayed is justice denied” was a term used by lawyers? I didn’t. If you work with the law you probably did. It’s an interesting concept; the idea that if you can’t get your legal satisfaction right now, it’s as if you will never get it.

COVID has robbed us all of many things. I missed my daughter’s wedding. That’s a happiness I’ll never get back. Definitely happiness denied. I know her husband, my son-in-law. He’s a great guy. He did the whole, “ask for her hand in marriage.” He’s a great guy and he’s very good to my daughter. But, the fact remains, that I’ll never get to go to their wedding. I’ll never get to walk her down the aisle. I’ll never get to make a stupid embarrassing toast at her reception.

Happiness delayed is happiness denied.

During this pandemic two of my daughters had babies. And a third is expecting to deliver in the next few weeks. (If you read my signature block, you’ll see that three babies and a wedding is not all that surprising given the number of my kids.)

Of course, I didn’t get to be at the hospital when my grandkids were born. I didn’t get to stop by and take the cheesy, but wonderul pictures of the grandparents (sometimes in a mask) holding the new baby. Not this time. We got to see pictures of our new grandkids (one daughter had a boy, the other a girl.) We even got a couple of videos.

ALl that changed yesterday. One of the babies is finally old enough to have limited contact. So, my daughter came by with my newest grandson. Only grandparents got to hold him. My other kids at home didn’t get to hold him.

And, it was wonderful. They stayed for a couple of hours. My lovely wife held him for a while and then it was my turn. He slept the entire time, but it didn’t matter. We even took some cheesy, but wonderful pictures of the grandparents holding him.

Happiness delayed was still happiness.

Stay safe

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