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Just A Little Time Away

November 12, 2020

My lovely wife and I married in 1987. We’ll celebrate 33 years of wedded bliss next month. (Yeah, it’s an old joke, but practically a family tradition.)

We are not one of those couples who “never spent a night apart. . .” Pre-COVID, I used to travel a lot of work. Typically, I’m gone a week or less. Since COVID? Yeah, not at all. Which makes this week so different. My lovely wife and I will be apart of the next few days. But, unlike previous trips, this time, I’m at home watching the kids.

My daughter owns a ranch in Souther Utah. My daughter lives in Colorado Springs, courtesy of her Uncle Sam. She’s in the first year of her 4 year active duty commitment as an Army veterinarian. Her husband is a pilot for a local (Utah) airline. He mostly stays with his parents in Grantsville when he’s flying.

So, the ranch sits empty most of the time. Not this week. My lovely wife is spending the next three or four days there. Some of my kids apparently weren’t paying attention as we planned this little get away.

Is mom coming back tomorrow?

No. She’s staying until Saturday night, or possibly Sunday.

Why? What’s she going to do there all by herself?

True, no television. No interent. No neighbors for miles. My 18 year old cannot think of a worse punishment.

No doubt she’ll read. We recently donated two VCRs and our old VHS collection to my daughter. So, that’s there, but I doubt she’ll bother watching it. She’ll sleep late, undisturbed by the noise a house full of young adult men make even when “we are being quite!” She may go for a walk, or simply sit on the porch and stare at the valley.

There’s a storm coming this weekend, so she’ll watch the weather. It’s not supposed to be bad, and she’s driving an all-wheel drive Suburban, so she should be fine.

It’s odd being the “home-body” this week. But, working from home, and kids with their own cars, means I don’t have a lot that I need to do differntly.

She’ll be back on Sunday and next week will go back to “normal.” Whatever normal is for this crazy year. In the meantime she’ll do nothing. I hope she gets a chance to do a lot of it over the next few days.

Stay safe

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