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Picking Your Birthday. . .Kind Of

October 20, 2020

I have a grandson that will be born soon. His parent decided that his birthday should not be born on Halloween. Instead, his birthday will be October 30. It’s a strong date, I think: 10/30/2020.

My daughter will be induced. It’s a high risk pregnancy and the doctors are worried about allowing the baby to go to full term.

My birthday is three days after Christmas. That puts it three days before New Years. My dear mother, really wanted me to be born on Christmas. I’m so glad she couldn’t pick my birthday.

Still having a birthday right in the middle of the holidays is really inconvenient. When I was ready to turn 15, I had what I thought was a brilliant idea. At the beginning of December I went to my dear mother and suggested I “postpone” my birthday for six months. I could have a party at the end of June. It was a perfect time. We would be out of school and nothing else much is going on at that time. My dear mother, no doubt stressed with the details of the holidays was more than happy to take one more thing off her plate at the busy time of year.

My plan only had one problem. When June came around, and I was getting ready for my big party, my dear mother didn’t remember our conversation of six months earlier.

But, you birthday isn’t in June? It’s in December.

And that’s how I missed my 15th, or 15th and 1/2 birthday.

Many years ago my lovely wife and I adopted a sibling group from a third world country. While filling out the reams of paperwork we discovered that two of the children had listed birthdays that were only six months apart. Not possible considering the kids all had the same mother. We pointed out the discrepancy to the adoption coordinator. And the paperwork was updated and a child had a new birthday.

I remember hearing a report on the radio in the Spring of 1999. They pointed out that babies concieved at that time would be born right around New Years Day, January 1, 2000.

The story stuck out to me since 10 months later in late January 2000, my son was born. We didn’t exactly pick his birthday. But, we didn’t not pick it either.

I have another child that as a baby was placed at a police station to be placed for adoption. The police determined the child was “about a month old.” They set the birthday as a month earlier. They picked the birthday.

We are in the “baby season.” A grandchild was born two weeks ago. As I mentioned, another will be born in ten days. And there’s one more that is due in December. But, the doctors are thinking they will probably induce my daughter.

She’s still deciding which day to pick for his birthday.

Stay safe

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