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What Keeps You From Hitting The Bottom?

October 9, 2020

Life is hard. . .and then you die.

We’ve all had stuff that hit us. That knocked us down. That made us want to give up. I know I have. I’m hopefully that your life was easier.I wouldn’t wish my trials on my worst enemy.

I’ve been through therapy for much of it. I use writing as a release. But, I also look for inspiration. There are times where I need a pick me up. Sometimes, it’s a song. Sometimes, it’s a talk with a friend. Sometimes, often times, it’s a saying.

When it’s at its worst and I feel worn down from day after day of worry, or bad news, or anxiety, I remember a line from “Sleepless in Seattle,”

You get up everyday and remember to breathe in and out.

Sometime success is measured in your ability to keep going. To get up when you are knocked down.

What works for me, may not, probably won’t, work for you. Each of us have to find our own way to find our inspiration. We each have to find our own motivation to keep going. And ultimately to excel.

I said this was my laughing place. You have to find your own laughing place.
– Brer Rabbit

Stay safe

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